Tips and tactics on how to do a sales presentation

A terrible sales presentation does not necessarily mean a terrible sales person. Think of your sales presentation as a necessary tool for completing the job. This tool can be sharpened and polished using these simple tips:

Presenting without a proper structure is like going to dinner where they bring out dessert first followed by main course and then entrée

Most customers do not like the unexpected. Your sales presentation should have a structure that flows naturally. It should begin with a casual conversation that leads to further discovery about what the customer needs and wants. This will give you helpful tips on how to present your product or service to this customer. You can even make the customer feel special by customizing your offer. And of course, do not leave without asking for the job.

Walk in blind and expect miracles? … well maybe if you are Batman

Sales professionals often forget that customers are human beings and each one of them is different. Before you even head out for a sales presentation, do some research on your customers and find out what they are like. Learn as much as you can and customize your presentation specifically for them. Some customers like to see numbers, some like stories and others respond to visual stimulus.


Take notes throughout the presentation. It will ensure the customer feels confident that you are taking them seriously and they will tell you even more about what they want.

Keep calm and present

Often customers will come up with objections throughout the presentation like, ‘just tell me how much this is’ or they might be downright frustrated for whatever reason. Do not let this get to you because if you are frustrated and the customer is frustrated, the story ends right there. A sure mark of professional sales persons is they will always stay calm and composed regardless of the challenge. Smile and speak politely but firmly and with confidence. A patient and calm sales professional can always relax a customer.

Actions speak louder than words

You can secure a million dollar deal with a friendly smile and confident handshake. Even if you are a seasoned sales professional, pay close attention to how you sit, stand and display facial reactions. Practice body language in front of a mirror and see how others see you. It would be even better if you can video record your sales presentation and play it back to yourself.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Most underperforming sales professionals have never rehearsed their presentation with a friend or colleague. Rehearsing will give you an external perspective. Just keep in mind, friends and family will usually give you a biased opinion of your presentation so ask them to be very critical. Use this feedback to improve and solidify your sales presentation.

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