What to do when customers say they will think about it.

Every sales professional, regardless of how fantastic they are at selling will come across these common sales objections.

“Let me think about it”

“I’ll get back to you”

“Sounds good but I’m not signing anything right now” 

These objections seem different but in fact they are all the same. The customer is refusing to move forward with your offer without explanation. Someone wanting to think about your offer is not a valid reason in itself. Unfortunately most sales people think it is.

That’s why as soon as a customer says let me think about it, most sales people will shut down and start their negative thoughts cycle like ‘oh here we go again’.

Instead as a professional sales person you should prepare for this in advance. Be ready for it with proper ammunition. Here’s what you will need.

Snipe through the barrier

Your customer could still be genuinely interested in purchasing your product. When a customer says let me think about it, it could just be a normal buying barrier. People are bombarded by advertisements and buying cues every single day. When you drive home, you see massive billboards, listen to ads on radio and probably see even more ads on buses and taxis. The human brain has adapted to shut off most of these sales and marketing messages by putting up an automatic buying barrier. Otherwise we would end up buying everything.

So, consider your final close, when you ask for a customer’s business. Does it happen naturally or is it when the customer least expects it? If your final close is too abrupt, your customers’ brain will automatically put up their buying barrier and the first words that will come out of their mouths with be “let me think about it”.

Shoot past the waiting game 

When you look at the basics of selling, it dictates that you must have a good value proposition, represent a great company and of course have a fantastic personality. That’s all good and well but it isn’t enough for a customer to buy right now.

Imagine you just finished the best presentation of your life. Everything was spot on. The customer is very impressed with your solution. It will save them both time and money. You are confident this is a sale so you ask for their business and the customer says ‘oh it sounds great but I’m not signing anything right now’.

Your ammunition bag is missing one key bullet, the reason for your customer to buy right now. This can be a promotion. It must be limited in either time or quantity. The customer needs a reason to buy sooner rather than later; if they delay their benefit will be diminished.

The fail-safe

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you expect them to. Even with all the ammunition in the world you might still feel like the last man standing.

Learn the failsafe with our comprehensive eBook that shows you how to handle every objection without pressuring the customer.


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