How to overcome and handle customer objection let me think about it

When customers start complaining they are feeling pressured or that they ‘do not want to be pressured into making a decision’, it can puzzle the best of sales professionals. If you do not handle it properly right there and then and still manage to secure the sale, customers will call the next day complaining they felt pressured into buying and they will cancel the order.

You may feel you are doing everything you can to help the customer feel comfortable during your kickass sales presentation. So it can be very frustrating when the customers start to mention the word pressure. Here are some tips on how you can move past this and close your customer.

Do not fold and give up

This is an objection. Treat it like one. Customers usually say they feel pressured because there is something that they are not completely happy with. This could be your product, your company or maybe even you. First step to handling objections is to place yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Telling is not selling

Imagine you’re in the market to buy a new car. You want it to look really amazing. You also want GPS, alloy wheels and some other bits and bobs. Your budget is $20,000. You walk in a car dealership and you tell the sales person what you want in your car. He shows you one and you don’t like the way it looks so you tell the sales person that you’ll think about it.

The sales person is confused and insists it’s exactly what you’re after because it has all the features you requested and within your budget. He repeats the features and even offers you a small discount. This still isn’t what you want. Eventually you get irritated and say, ‘stop pressuring me, I said I’ll think about it’.

Instead, if the sales person asked you questions and discovered that it’s the appearance of the car that’s holding you back and explained there are visual modifications available, he would get the sale.

Customers don’t always tell you what they do not like about your product or service. This could be because they feel they are being polite or because they are unsure of what they want themselves. Always ask questions to isolate the objection to the one thing that is holding them back. If you can help them with that one thing, customers will usually be happy to move forward with your offer.


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